Vocal Masterclassics

"A brilliant idea!" - Denyce Graves, world-renowned mezzo-soprano

Vocal Masterclassics is the world's #1 database resource providing voice students and faculty with complete documentation, program information, and access to the world's great vocal masterclasses.

Immediately target the most personally-relevant masterclasses through drop-down menu selections in any or all of the following categories:

  • Artist Name
  • Artist Voice Type
  • Performer Voice Type
  • Genre
  • Composer
  • Title Performed
  • Larger/Encompassing Work
  • Date
  • Venue
  • Keyword




What Vocal Masterclassics provides...

  • Nine interactive drop-down menus that thoroughly search an extensive database of world-wide vocal masterclasses.  Search one or any combination of all nine menus to locate masterclasses that address specific and immediate training needs.
  • Direct links to locations in videos where chosen performances begin.
  • Artist pictures and biography links for complete master-artist information.
  • The "Advantage Curriculum"  -  A complete 4-year voice lesson supplement providing 56 hours of learning at just a half-hour of viewing per week for 8 semesters.  Incudes 40 pdf forms for easy implementation.  (Read more under the "Advantage Curriculum" tab in the menu.)

"Advantage Curriculum" Sample Form

"A brilliant idea!" - Denyce Graves, world-renowned mezzo-soprano

"...an invaluable resource...Jacobs School of Music will be well served by VMC for years to come."  - Jo McClamroch, Jacobs School of Music, Indiana University School of Music

"...a wonderful resource for voice teachers, singers, coaches, and accompanists.  Thank you!" - Dr. Linda Snyder, President, National Association of Teachers of Singing

"...an incredible wealth of information!!!  I believe that everyone in our business can benefit from this site, from students, to teachers, to institutions, to even professional singers giving classes for the first time!" - Jennifer Rowley, Metropolitan Opera Soprano