About Us

The Inspiration Behind Vocal Masterclassics

By Dr. Keith Brautigam, founder and president of Vocal Masterclassics

Having taught for over 30 years as a voice professor at the university level, I have long treasured the masterclass format as a wonderful educational tool for my students. As critical as regular studio and stage training are, a student’s education will be greatly enhanced with regular opportunities to learn from a wide variety of professionals who can provide invaluable perspectives born of their real-world experiences.

I know that voice teachers around the world could convey a host of stories where “the light came on” for one of their students in a masterclass. Because no one possesses all knowledge of the voice, I have always benefited from watching fellow masterclass instructors. Each one has their own fresh approach, their own different way of expressing an idea or concept — approaches that often “hit the mark” for a student. Most certainly, it is highly beneficial for students to hear and experience these valuable insights. Personally, I have been most fortunate to have gained many new concepts and approaches to my own singing and teaching by continuing to receive vocal coaching well into my fifties. Indeed, each time I return to the studio, I am struck once again that artistic wisdom is a life-long pursuit. It is my sincere desire that this website will be another very useful tool in helping singers become true “students of the voice” – igniting a passion to pursue and absorb wisdom from multiple sources and experiences.

For decades, professional singers and conductors have been graciously giving back to the arts community through masterclass events. Thankfully, numerous classes have been recorded either on video or audio – many of which have been posted on YouTube and numerous other sites across the internet. Unfortunately, however, a majority of these masterclasses are posted with only minimal information. Because of this reality, a vast majority of searches will overlook numerous masterclasses that could prove extremely beneficial! We knew, therefore, this needed to be addressed if this incredible educational resource was to take its rightful place in the mainstream of vocal training.

Our solution...view every video and fully document all program information.  Then, place this information in nine easy-to-use drop-down menus to make them fully searchable and immediately accessible for the vocal music community.