"No voice teacher can be all things to all people.  You have to gain information from whatever sources you can.  You have to listen."  

                                                                                                  - Renée Fleming, world-renowned soprano


The above quote by Renée Fleming beautifully summarizes the ​mission of Vocal Masterclassics​: to give students a tool through which they can regularly gain information and perspectives from the great singers of yesterday and today, and do it in a way that directly applies to their present repertoire and lesson study.

​To facilitate this goal, it is our pleasure to introduce a voice lesson companion resource that enables students to select masterclasses that specifically apply to their lesson repertoire, and stimulate personal application and growth through a wide variety of assignment objectives and thought-provoking questions.  

The VMC Masterclass Reflection Workbook allows teachers to easily add powerful world-class singer input into the weekly training regimen for their students.

Workbook highlights…

  • Assignments require just one half-hour of viewing per week plus 5-10 minutes to complete!
  • No added work for teachers!  The workbook provides the framework for student reflection.
  • 28 weeks of assignments - perfect for two 14-week semesters.
  • Assignments apply masterclasses directly to students' present lesson repertoire.
  • Full utilization of the Vocal Masterclassics 10 masterclass search tools enabling students to specifically target masterclasses personally relevant to their study.
  • Reflection questions address a variety of assignment objectives that help students apply instruction to their own voices and performances.
  • All forms are in fillable pdf format for easy access and submission.
  • Provides educational stimuli for lessons and studio class discussions.
  • Can be used year-after-year as new lesson repertoire invokes different masterclass input.

Perfect for private studio use, studio class discussions, and individual growth, the VMC Masterclass Reflection Workbook is a wonderful pedagogical tool for aspiring singers and devoted teachers.

​Priced for easy student-teacher access and instant application.

Just $4.95

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