Master Singers Building Master Singers
Master Singers Building Master Singers

The Four-Year Viewing Plan

The Advantage Curriculum - Four-Year Viewing Plan

The four-year viewing plan is designed to provide the viewing of seven full hours of strategically-chosen masterclasses during each semester of a four-year program of study. While designed with college/university students in mind, this plan, however, may be implemented to the advantage of any and all voice students ranging from high school to adult learners.

Teachers who desire to incorporate this training in their studios can secure student access to Vocal Masterclassics through one of the following three options:

a. For teachers who subscribe to Vocal Masterclassics and are either a member of the National Association of Teachers of Singing (NATS) or a college/university voice instructor, her/his students may enroll for half-price through the Student Subscription Discount Program. Click HERE to learn more about half-price student subscriptions.

b. Through university IP address authentication and your university proxy server (for off-campus access), we are pleased to provide Vocal Masterclassics as an online database administered through the electronic resources page of your institution’s library website. Institutional Subscriptions make the Vocal Masterclassics website available university-wide to all students, faculty, and staff – both on and off campus. Click HERE to learn more about Institutional Subscriptions.

c. Simply have your student enroll in a regular subscription (just $29.95 for a full year).

The Curriculum Procedure

1. Students are to view at least one half-hour masterclass segment or combined segments per week for all 14 weeks of each semester. Faithful adherence to this schedule is key to building viewing habits, and for maximum attention to presented class information. Students may, of course, watch more than the required half-hour, but may not watch less.

2. Students both receive their specific assignments and report their viewing on the specified VMAC Report Forms corresponding to their particular semester of study and week(s) of that semester.

Assignments range from viewing specific master-artists and/or performer voice types that match or are the opposite to the student’s voice-type; to matching numerous items such as genres, composers, encompassing works, and aria/song titles that coincide with a student’s present repertoire study; to other related topics such as career discussions, auditioning, and major-artist interviews.

3. To assure maximum educational coverage, students are to choose a different master-artist for each week of viewing within a given semester (repeating artists in subsequent semesters, however is permitted and often encouraged).

If desired, instructors may take the optional step of developing an “Instructor-Approved VMC Master-Artists List” so they may more intentionally steer students toward the master-artists they feel would be most beneficial for them to view. Simply go to the master-artist name drop-down menu, where all of the artists are listed alphabetically, to begin making your selections.

4. Following each viewing session, students are to write/type reflections on the appropriate VMAC Report Form based on the instructions provided for each assignment. Note: These are in fillable PDF format, thus allowing students to type their reflections directly on the form.

5. Students are to then either bring their reflections to their weekly lessons or electronically send the form to their teacher, thus providing the opportunity for on-going discussion/feedback and/or credit to be awarded.

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