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“Vocal Masterclassics is inspired and ‘a brilliant idea’ as Denyce Graves is quoted on your website.  It is certain that voice students in the Jacobs School of Music will be well served by VMC for years to come…an invaluable resource.”

Jo McClamroch, William & Gayle Cook Music Library, Jacobs School of Music, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN

Vocal Masterclassics Institutional Subscriptions

Through university or organization IP address authentication and your proxy server (for remote access), we are pleased to provide Vocal Masterclassics as an online database administered through the electronic resources page of your institution’s library website.  Institutional Subscriptions make the Vocal Masterclassics website available to all students, faculty, members, and/or staff – both on-site and remotely.

For universities and colleges, because this database is primarily used by voice students and faculty, fees are based on the number of registered voice students at your institution (both majors and non-majors) during the most recently-completed academic year, rather than the overall full-time equivalency (FTE).  For all middle schools and high schools, as well as all other libraries and organizations, prices are set as indicated below.

To inquire about a Vocal Masterclassics Institutional Subscription for your school or organization, please begin by completing the form below.  We will then get in touch with you within 24 hours to begin discussing and/or making arrangements for your students, faculty and/or members to receive round-the-clock full and immediate access!  We look forward to making contact with you!

All fees are for a one-year subscription and for a single institution:

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Access: The institutional subscription of Vocal Masterclassics is for unlimited simultaneous users over the entire IP range.

Updates:  New masterclass listings are added regularly to our database.  To keep our subscribers up-to-date, Vocal Masterclassics sends out a bi-monthly newsletter, which will be automatically sent to the library administrator, and may be sent to additional university personnel upon request.

Sample VMC Institutional Agreement

Institutional Subscription Inquiry

Institutional Subscription Inquiry