Master Singers Building Master Singers
Master Singers Building Master Singers

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The Vocal Masterclassics Advantage Curriculum

"The best way a mentor can prepare another leader is to expose him or her to other great people." - John Maxwell, New York Time's best-selling author on leadership

The above quote by John Maxwell is a primary example of why the leading music schools throughout the country consistently bring knowledgeable, world-class singer-teachers to their campus. What better way to provide students with fresh insights and perspectives that will inspire them to reach new heights of understanding and skill! Without question, there really is no voice teacher on earth, no matter how much “in-demand,” who possesses ALL knowledge and expertise. It is amazing that the longer I teach voice (over 35 years), the more I realize how much I have to learn – and, consequently, how invaluable the contributions of other professionals are to my students.

Most certainly, if I ignore and/or marginalize other opportunities for them to probe the vocal, musical, theatrical, poetical, physical, and business acumen of other experts in this vast artistic endeavor, I have done them a monumental disservice.

Consequently, as I thoughtfully embrace/consider the contributions of other experts (although I don’t always have to agree with them!) into the education of my students, I find my singers even more eager, energized, and receptive to my instruction because they realize that I, too, have remained a faithful “student of the voice.” The world of vocal music is increasingly vast, and the challenges of professional advancement require an ever-deepening education and insight. How wonderful (and fortunate!) it is that these artists, at the top of their profession, are both willing and excited to pass along their expertise and life-experiences on so many levels! Unfortunately, however, many schools can only arrange to sponsor such major-artist campus visits a few times per year, and even in the most prestigious schools, students may only be afforded one or two masterclasses per semester.

In addition, until now, the details of masterclasses posted on the Web have been virtually impossible to search. Therefore, teachers have largely dismissed that medium as an accessible and valuable educational resource.

While it remains critical for aspiring vocalists to diligently and consistently enter the practice room to pursue artistic mastery through vocalization and thoughtful and passionate repertoire study and performance…

…it is imperative that they develop the habit of “hearing the voices” of those who have “gone before,” or who are presently enjoying successful careers.

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