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Master Singers Building Master Singers

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"A brilliant idea!" - Denyce Graves, world-renowned mezzo-soprano

Vocal Masterclassics is an easily-searchable Institutional Database Resource that provides voice students and faculty with complete documentation, program information, and access to the world's great vocal masterclasses.

Immediately target the most personally-relevant masterclasses through drop-down menu selections in any or all of the following categories:

  • Artist Name
  • Artist Voice Type
  • Performer Voice Type
  • Genre
  • Composer
  • Title Performed
  • Larger/Encompassing Work
  • Date
  • Venue
  • Keyword


What Vocal Masterclassics provides...

  • Nine interactive drop-down menus that thoroughly search an extensive database of world-wide vocal masterclasses.  Search one or any combination of all nine menus to locate masterclasses that address specific and immediate training needs.
  • Direct links to locations in videos where chosen performances begin.
  • Artist pictures and biography links for complete master-artist information.
  • "Vocal Masterclass Alert!" - A quarterly publication sent directly to  librarians and voice chairs listing the newest vocal masterclasses to hit the internet across numerous sites.

"Vocal Masterclass Alert!" Sample

  • The "Advantage Curriculum"  -  A complete 4-year voice lesson supplement providing 56 hours of learning at just a half-hour of viewing per week for 8 semesters.  Incudes 40 pdf forms for easy implementation.  (Read more under the "Advantage Curriculum" tab in the menu.)

"Advantage Curriculum" Sample Form

For information about individual subscriptions, please inquire via email to:, or select our "Contact Us" tab above.

"A brilliant idea!" - Denyce Graves, world-renowned mezzo-soprano

" invaluable resource...Jacobs School of Music will be well served by VMC for years to come." - Jo McClamroch, Jacobs School of Music, Indiana University School of Music

"...a wonderful resource for voice teachers, singers, coaches, and accompanists.  Thank you!" - Dr. Linda Snyder, President, National Association of Teachers of Singing

" incredible wealth of information!!!  I believe that everyone in our business can benefit from this site, from students, to teachers, to institutions, to even professional singers giving classes for the first time!" - Jennifer Rowley, Metropolitan Opera Soprano