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Master Singers Building Master Singers

Private Studio Subscription Page

Thank you for visiting our Vocal Masterclassics private studio subscription page.  Below, you will find a number of different subscription choices, with the top two applying to private studio instructors and their students.  

Instructions for Teachers:  Before initiating a subscription, please fill out the "Private Voice Studio - Instructor Application Form" located HERE.  This form will confirm your position as a private voice instructor and provide a gateway for you and your students to enroll at the reduced rate for voice students and teachers.  Within 24 hours after you complete the form, we will notify you of your status - which will then allow you to return to this page and enroll in an INSTRUCTOR SUBSCRIPTION, and your students will also be able to subscribe at the STUDENT SUBSCRIPTION level.  Thank you! 

Instructions for Students:  Before beginning to subscribe, please wait to receive word from your voice instructor regarding your approved user name.  You will need that user name to complete your subscription (Note: after you have subscribed, you may change your user name, if desired).  Once you have received it, please return to this page and choose the STUDENT SUBSCRIPTION option below which will give you immediate access to Vocal Masterclassics and the Advantage Curriculum.  Thank you!