Private Voice Studio - Instructor Application Form

So you may be able enroll at the "INSTRUCTOR SUBSCRIPTION" and your students at the "STUDENT SUBSCRIPTION" discounted Vocal Masterclassics levels, please complete and submit the information requested below.  This will allow us to verify your status as a voice instructor, and will then provide a gateway for your students to subscribe as well.  After you have submitted the form, we will get back to you within 24 hours with the status of your approval.  If approved, you and your students will be able to subscribe and begin using Vocal Masterclassics and the Advantage Curriculum immediately.  Thank you!  

Private Voice Studio - Instructor Application Form
Please be sure this is the same email address you will use when completing your "Voice Instructor" Vocal Masterclassics subscription.
If applying via NATS membership (or another "teachers of singing" organization), please be sure to use the same first and last name that is on their online membership roster.
The user name you give here MUST match the user name you provide when subscribing at the "Vocal Instructor" subscription level.
These will be the user names that we will put into our system that will allow them to register at the "Voice Student Subscription" level. (Again, please use at least one number in the names as you did above). Please be sure each is correct and that you accurately convey this information to each of your students. Incorrect information here will prevent them from being able to subscribe.