Master Singers Building Master Singers
Master Singers Building Master Singers

Using the Vocal Masterclassics Search Tools – Helpful Guidelines

1.  Choose items from any or all of the menus.  Note:  the results are exclusive rather than inclusive.  

​Example #1:  You simultaneously chose both "La Boheme" under the Encompassing Work category and "Thomas Hampson" under the Artist Name category.   Your results will show ONLY those masterclasses in which Thomas Hampson coaches a title from "La Boheme."  

Example #2:  You chose "Rigoletto" under Encompassing Work, and did not choose any other category.  Your search now reveals ALL masterclasses of ALL artists in which "Rigoletto" is taught.  

Example #3:  You chose "Kiri te Kanawa" under Artist Name​, and did not choose any other category.  Your search now reveals ONLY the masterclasses taught by Kiri te Kanawa. 

Example #4:  You simultaneously chose Kristen Chenoweth under Artist Name and "Tosca" under Encompassing Work, and got no results even though our database has masterclasses with Chenoweth and other masterclasses encountering "Tosca." The reason you got no results, however, is because Chenoweth did not teach anything from "Tosca" in her masterclass.

2.  You must then click the SEARCH button to initiate the search of your selected items.

3.  The more items you select, the smaller the list of results will become.

4.  Important:  One of the most frequent reasons that users get a "no results" finding is because they did not hit the RESET SEARCH button between searches, thus inadvertently leaving some categories unknowingly still selected.  To avoid this frustration, be sure to always reset (clearing all categories) before beginning a new search.

About the search results pages:

1.  Our numbering system applies only to masterclass listings that include more than one song or event (such as “Opening Comments,” “Question and Answer,” etc.). We call every song or event in a particular masterclass a “scene.”

2. The first digit refers to the particular scene being referenced, and the second number refers to how many scenes the entire masterclass contains. For example, 3/5 would mean there are a total of five scenes in this particular masterclass, and this listing is referring to the third scene in that class. 2/6 would mean there are six total scenes in this masterclass, and this is the listing for the second scene.

3.  Occasionally, there will be consecutive videos where: it is the same singer working on the exact same piece; or different segments of an interview; or different segments of a class -  but all with subsequent videos covering different portions of that class. For these, we simply list them as “1 of 2” or “2 of 2” or “2 of 3,” and so on.  Or, you might just find a single number following a listing, which means there is more than one video with that same title.

Thanks for being our guest here at Vocal Masterclassics!  Happy Searching!