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Renée Fleming and Melissa Foster – She Loves Me (Bock) 2/6

​Master Artist: ​​​Renée Fleming and Melissa Foster

Master Artist Voice:​ ​​Soprano and Coach/Singing Actress

Venue: ​​Chicago Voices

Date:​ 2017

Language of Instruction: ​English


​Selected Video - Scene 2 of 6

Performer Voice Type:  Baritone

Title:  She Loves Me

Composer:  Jerry Bock

From:  She Loves Me

Genre:  Musical Theater

Music/Scores of "She Loves Me"

Noteworthy Recordings

She Loves Me Piano/Vocal Scores


​Scene One

Performer Voice Type:  Soprano

Title:  Pie Jesu

Composer:  Gabriel Fauré

From:  Requiem

Genre:  Oratorio

Music/Scores of "Pie Jesu"

Noteworthy Recordings

Requiem Piano/Vocal Score

​Scene Three

Performer Voice Type:  Bass

Title:  In Diesen Heilgen Hallen

Composer:  W. A. Mozart

From:  Die Zauberflöte

Genre:  German Singspiel

Music/Scores of "In Diesen Heilgen Hallen"

Noteworthy Recordings

Die Zauberflöte Piano/Vocal Score


​Scene Four

Performer Voice Type:  Soprano

Title:  Pur dicesti, O Bocca Bella

Composer:  Antonio Lotti

From:  N/A

Genre:  Italian Baroque Opera

Music/Scores of "Pur dicesti, O Bocca Bella"

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​Scene Five

Performer Voice Type:  Soprano

Title:  Si mes vers avaient des ailes

Composer:  Reynaldo Hahn

From:  N/A

Genre:  French Mélodie

Music/Scores of "Si mes vers avaient des ailes"

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​Scene Six

Performer Voice Type:  N/A

Title:  N/A

Composer:  N/A

From:  N/A

Genre:  Question and Answer