Sharon Sweet – Questo amor (Puccini) 1/2

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​Master Artist: ​​​Sharon Sweet

Master Artist Voice:​ ​​Soprano

Venue: ​​​​Mansfield University

Date:​ 2015

Language of Instruction: ​English


​Selected Video - Scene 1 of 2

Performer Voice Type:  Baritone

Title:  Questo amor

Composer:  Giacomo Puccini

From:  Edgar

Genre:  Italian Opera

Music/Scores of "Questo amor vergogna mio"

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Edgar Piano/Vocal Scores

​Scene Two

Performer Voice Type:  Bass-Baritone

Title:  La Vie Antérieure

Composer:  Henri Duparc

From:  N/A

Genre:  French Mélodie

Music/Scores of "La vie antérieure"

Noteworthy Recordings